Mirage Paris
Mirage Paris

Mirage; an optical phenomenon caused by refracted light rays to form a false image. The appreance of which is determined by the interpretive faculties of the human mind

Mirage by Parul Bhargava’ is a label interpreting this concept through its creation of unique, multi-dimensional designs exuding Parisienne femininity intertwined with Indian handiwork.

About the Designer

The brand came into existence in 2014 under the adept knowledge & expertise of fashion textile designer and professional hand embroidery artist Parul Bhargava. A graduate from the prestigious University of Arts, London, she went on to work with prominent designers like Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla (India) and Sophia Malig (London). She honed her hand embroidery skills at the prestigious Ecole Lesage in Paris following which she freelanced as an embroidery artist for two years. She also holds a degree in Business Administration from De Montfort University, UK which has allowed her to successfully establish her own practice in Paris and in India circa 2014.

About the Label

Reflecting on her experience of 5 years in Paris, she now undertakes personal training workshops to enhance hand embroidery techniques of her team of artisans and aspires to create a humanistic universe for the talented craftspeople working for them in India.

She has a strong intention to promote their skills on an international platform, displaying a selection of beautifully handcrafted, high quality pieces along with evolving the Indian market with her advanced embroidery techniques and empowering Indian female artisans with these skills.

Her move to India is to give the fashion connoisseurs a glimpse into creating a bridge between beautiful traditional Indian craftsmanship and sophisticated French design aesthetics.

Design Sensibility

Inspired by Indian and European art, visuals, culture and heritage, It is a brand to bring design elements to convey a message of contemporary India by reinterpreting classic designs under contemporary and elegant subjects, questioning and re-questioning what is contemporary in today’s context.

One of the key design inspirations of the brand are from the ideology of Impressionism - capturing the essence of the moments.

The brands charter involves a line of clothes for women that serve as a wardrobe for such women comprising of a wide product category from daywear to evening wear.


  • Aza, Bandra (Mumbai)
  • Queen, Bandra (Mumbai)